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Our MLS Listing Service Fee Is Just $299 
We Receive No Commissions: No Commissions--No Catches

Using our service could not be simpler. Just complete a Property Profile and then e-mail or fax it to us. Our fax is 708-777-4900 and 206-202-2573. Our e-mail is We put your listing on the Multiple Listing Service the day it is received and e-mail you the listing for review (since brokers already have access to it even before you receive it). If you have any questions just contact us at the above numbers, they are also direct access numbers to our licensed representatives.

They are two ways to complete the Property Profile. You can print the Property Profile in word format, complete it and then fax it to us. Or you can complete the Property Profile on-line and submit it to us directly by e-mail when you are finished. Your listing appears on the MLS no matter what the format. 

Fill-out a Property Profile On-Line or print and fax it to 708-777-4900 or 206-202-2573. It's That Easy! Your listing appears on the Multiple Listing Service, and other sites we are not even aware of!. 

Word Format
Submit On-Line

We are the premiere MLS listing service in the country and for good reason. We have listed conservatively over $800,000,000 worth of homes! Our websites nationally are at the top of the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and AOL. That means if you take advantage of our free website and gallery promotions your exposure is magnified considerably! You also have the opportunity to have a virtual tour included with your listing for a nominal additional charge. 

We are fully licensed real estate brokers. When you list with us you are not paying to be included just on a private website. You are on the Multiple Listing Service. Of course, for our efforts we receive no commission, just the service fee.

Today there is no longer any reason to spend thousands of dollars to advertise. With our service you are everywhere you want to be--for as long as you want to be there. You can change your listing any time for free. You can schedule open houses on the MLS any time for free. You can schedule broker tours on the MLS any time for free. Send us a picture and it is included for free, too. 

Questions? Call us at 708-777-4900  

Compare the Competition.
You'll See We Offer Far More Services
For Far Less Money Than Anyone.

That's Why We Are Ranked "Top Ten" 
In the For Sale by Owner Industry.

We Dare Them To Compare!!

We List Your Home For As Long As You Want!
They list you for three months (or less)
Your first payment may be just the start!

If You Ask Us to Help Negotiate Your Sale We'll Do It For Free!
They charge an upfront fee of $250 and that's just the start!

We Change Your Listing As Often As You Want For Free!
They Throw In One Change
BUT Charge $25 For Each Additional

We Publicize Your Open House As Often As You Want For Free!
They Throw In One Open House OR Listing Change
BUT Charge $25 For Each Additional

We Publicize Broker-Only Tours As Often As You Want For Free!
They Give You No Tours
They Don't Even Talk About This Critical Matter!

We Give You An Unprecedented No Risk Money-Back Guarantee!
They Give You Excuses Why They Can't
And They Don't!

We Put Your Picture In Your Listing for Free!
They Tell You to Contact the MLS If You Want Them
They Won't and They Don't!

It Costs You Nothing To Be Featured on Our Site
You Pay Hundreds Just to Be On Theirs
And That's All You Get--The MLS? Forget it! 

We Don't Require An Exclusive Arrangement!
They Do (Ask Your Attorney What This Means)

We Do Not Ask For Payment in Advance!
They Do Not List Your Home Unless First Paid

You See Your Listing on the MLS Before Payment!
They Still Require Payment In Advance

We Change Your List Price As Often As You Want For Free!
They Consider a Price Change To Be a Listing Change
You Can't Even Change Your Price More Than Once!!

Our Complete Package: Just $299! No Catches!
The Competition's???? Who Knows!!
No One Does What We Do!

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